Laser Wireless Barcode Scanner


  • Product Code: YHD - 2D 2.4GHz Laser Wireless Barcode Scanner
  • Availability: In Stock

Main Features : 

● 2.4G wireless + wired two modes

● 32bit CPU, super decoding ability

● With mini USB receiver, plug and play

● Ergonomic design, comfortable to hold

● Read barcode as small as 3 mill

● Support over twenty different countries' keyboard layout

● Auto sleep supported and easily waken up with a click of one button

Parameter : 

● Type: 2.4GHz wireless + wired

● Distance: 100m and less

● Charging power: 5V - 400mAh

● Scanning type: bi-directional

● Scanning width: 30cm

● Power: 1.5MW

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